Holiday Menu 2019

Bone in Ham Display with Mustard & Cranberry Mostarda
(Sizes Range from 20 to 22 Pounds) ($11.00 per Pound)
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast ($18.00 per Pound)
Filet of Beef Display with Horseradish Crème ($48.00 per Pound)
Blue Claw Jumbo Lump Crab Cake with Cherry Pistachio Relish ($14.00 each)

Fine Cheese & Fruit Display with Crackers (Sm-$65.00, Med-$95.00, Lg- $115.00)
Baked Brie En Croute with Raspberry and Almonds ($125.00)
Antipasto (Sm-$65.00, Med-$85.00, Lg- $110.00)
Crudités Display with Dips (Sm-$65.00, Med-$75.00, Lg- $95.00)
Maryland Blue Claw Crab Dip Display
 (Sm-$65.00, Lg- $115.00)
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail Display with Classic Sauce ($3.50 per Piece)
Fresh Fruit Display (Med-$85.00, Lg- $115.00)
Hand Rolled Cocktail Meatballs with Choice of Sauce:
Swedish, Marinara and Bourbon BBQ (½ Pan-$95.00, Full Pan- $175.00)

Side Dishes
Roasted & Candied Sweet Potatoes (½ Pan-$65.00, Full Pan-$95.00)
Mashed Potatoes (½ Pan-$65.00, Full Pan-$95.00)
Potato Dauphinoise (½ Pan-$85.00, Full Pan-$115.00)
Classic Stuffing (½ Pan-$50.00, Full Pan-$85.00)
Honey-Orange Braised Carrots (½ Pan-$50.00, Full Pan-$90.00)
Fall Vegetable Medley with Herb Butter (½Pan-$75.00, Full Pan-$115.00)
Roasted Root Vegetable Display (Sm-$65.00, Med-$95.00, Lg- $115.00)
Delicata & Spinach Lasagna with Béchamel Sauce
(½ Pan $65.00, Full Pan-$120.00)
Homemade Turkey Gravy ($18.00 per Quart)
Warmed Raisin Sauce ($18.00 per Quart))
Cranberry Orange Relish (16.00 per Quart)

Seasonal Artisan Pies (Apple $29.00, Pumpkin $29.00, Pecan $35.00)
Bourbon & Brown Sugar Bread Pudding (½ Pan $65.00, Full Pan $110.00)
Holiday Cookie & Dessert Display ($5.00 per Person)Thanksgiving Menu 2019

The Catering Company